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Care for dogs after car accidents

It's pretty scary when you hit a dog with your car, particularly if you love dogs. I don't ever want a dog to suffer and die in pain so if I hit a dog or even come across a dog by the side of the road that has been hit I want to be clear about exactly what I need to do to get the dog the best possible vet care to either recover or pass peacefully. This blog has tips and links for anyone who finds a dog after a car accident, to them to provide emergency care and find emergency vet care.


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How to Help a Dog with Osteoarthritis Sleep Better
15 June 2017

One of the most distressing parts of having a dog

How to Help a Dog with Osteoarthritis Sleep Better

One of the most distressing parts of having a dog with osteoarthritis is seeing them in a constant state of discomfort. While dogs don't experience or communicate pain in exactly the same way as humans, it's hard to watch them deal with sore joints and limbs when they're trying to sleep. Thankfully, there are a few ways to help your pooch feel more comfortable and less pained during their naps. Here are 3 ways you can improve your pup's sleeping experience when they're dealing with arthritis.

Buy a Low, Padded Bed

Given how attached dogs tend to get to their beds, it's no surprise that many dog owners go years--or even a whole lifetime--without replacing them. However, when your furry friend is diagnosed with arthritis, it might be time to throw out the old bed and get a new one. The best beds for dogs with arthritis are ones that are low and thickly padded. The low height makes it easy for arthritic dogs to get up and down without pain, and the padding will cushion their stiff, aching joints. You might also want to consider a memory foam bed. Memory foam cushions mold to your dog's body when they sleep, offering better support for sore limbs.

Keep Them Warm

Just as in humans, cold weather can make osteoarthritis more painful for dogs. If your dog spends a lot of time outside, whether during the day or overnight, they need to be protected from the rain, wind, and low temperatures seen across most of the UK. Make sure they have an enclosed kennel to sleep in outside with plenty of warm padding. The same goes for dogs who sleep inside if you prefer to keep your heating off at night; warm blankets to snuggle up in will always be appreciated by dogs with pained joints.

Consider Stem Cell Therapy

If your dog is struggling to sleep because they're not responding well to pain medication, improved diet and exercise or arthritis injections, you may want to consider a new treatment. One option that's improving the lives of dogs around the country is stem cell therapy through places like Greenside Regenerative Therapies. During stem cell therapy, a veterinarian extracts stem cells from your dog's fatty tissue and injects them into your dog's arthritic joints. Many owners have reported improvements in their dogs' stiffness and pains. Less soreness and improved range of motion means a better night's sleep for your dog.